Whether it's a new or existing fire alarm system for your business or you require a yearly verification, properly installed and maintained fire alarm systems are vital to protecting the safety of the people who live or work there. Trust a trained and experienced fire alarm technician from Terel Electric to equip and maintain your property with a fire alarm that can and will make the difference in an emergency situation.

The Right System for Your Space

There's a wide range of systems available today, many of which are highly sophisticated and yet they can be easily programmed and controlled from a central panel. A technician from Terel Electric can help you choose the right fire alarm for your space and needs, and wire all of the system's components, including the control panel and fire detecting sensors. In addition to the right fire alarm, emergency lighting is particularly important for commercial and industrial properties, in the event of an evacuation. If you require maintenance, testing, help in design or new installations for your emergency lighting system needs, Terel Electric can help.

Service & Workmanship You Can Count on

We have a long-standing reputation for providing exceptional customer service and a quality of workmanship that exceeds industry standards. For something as important as the installation or repair of a fire alarm, never settle for less than the best!

Ready to book a fire alarm installation with a Terel technician? Have a question? Please don't hesitate to contact us: (780) 539-4466.